1.)Are these waist beads made with elastic?

No. My waist-beads are non-stretch. Can me made with elastic string by per email request.

2.)Can I bathe in my waist-beads?

While some do...I personally do not recommend. The color of the beads can fade due to chemicals that may be in the soap. 

3.)How do I measure myself?

Please refer to the page that speaks all about measuring your waist.

4.)Are these beads made with love?

Yes indeed 

5.)What size do the anklets come in that’s in the 3 piece sets?

The anklets that are in the 3 piece sets comes in a size 9in. If you need a larger/smaller size feel free to send me a email with your name and order number stating the size that you need as soon as you place the order. 

6.)Are the clasp nickel free?